The Global AM Solution that PRISMADD offer



The three major elements of Additive Manufacturing
Material / Design / Post-process

Additive Manufacturing

PRISMADD Japan is the joint-venture between Yamaichi Special Steel which has 80 years of knowledge on special steel and offers heat treatment, precision machining and precision measurement and PRISMADD group which offers the progressive AM technology based in France. We encompass the three major elements of AM by merging Japanese high-quality manufacturing and the world’s most advanced technology. We keep developing our technology in the three aspects and achieve the manufacturing of next-generation for aerospace, defense, automotive, energy and medical industries.

Supporting AM from start to finish

  • Powder Material Supply

    We offer a variety of high-quality metal powders from all over the world.
    The powder material has a significant influence on the quality of AM products.
    PRISMADD Japan can advise the choice of material and supply them in large and small amount.


  • Design Solution

    The most important process of AM is the topological optimization of designs.
    PRISMADD offers redesign service to improve function and reduce weight of AM products by utilizing Dassault Systemes simulation software. (The figures: Integration of ASSY parts)


    Printing Technology

    PRISMADD Group develops optimized parameters depending on material and design in France, Japan and USA and shares them with each other. Thus we are able to manufacture high-quality products.


  • 3.Post-process and Quality Assurance

    We also offer post-process such as heat treatment and machining. The dimension is assured by the measurement systems which acquired ISO17025 laboratory accreditation in Yamaichi.


PRISMADD, the Global AM Solution

PRISMADD group is located in France,
Japan and USA. We share know-how with each
other and offer the world-leading manufacturing.

  • France
  • Japan
  • U.S.A



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